About Me.

I like to explore the unknow. I have backpacked to Australia, New Zealand, Bail, Thailand, Japan. I am not afraid of challenge. Frankly, I actually like challenge. Challenge is like a mysterious monster that one is always excited to meet.

My name is Betty Chiu, a visual designer that focuses on user centered design. I am passionate about improving the lives of others through design. I believed a good design can change the world. I am always learning and improving my skills. One best thing of being designer is there is always new things coming up!

I have learnt a lot of concepts, and theories in fine art, digital media, and UX/UI design through attending school and self learn online. I gained experience by practicing them in my spare time and at work.

What is "that thing" on your logo?

That thing” is a witty character I designed that has only one eye. I want to make a cute monster-like character to represent myself because I like monsters a lot. My work is mostly story-based, so I want to design a girl that can show my style of design. A lot of my work has facial features like eyes and mouths.


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Which music I listen when I am doing design?

Amélie and Ghibli soundtrack

What is my favourite drink?

I love Okinawa brown sugar milk tea!

What is my favourite movie quote?

“Get busy living or get busy dying.” from “Shawshank Redemption”

My Design Process

It is an iterative design process in which I focus on the users and their needs in each phase of the design process.

My design process

Why me?

I am motivated

I love what I am doing. Being motivated makes me always want to excess client's expectations.

Always be learning

Being in design industry, constantly learning is essential. That is why it is always fun!

Familiar with all Medias

From a fine art background, I am first as an artist. Later, I learned digital media, coding... and so on. It allows me to see a bigger picture and have the wider ideas

Listener and Humble

I listen to your opinions. Being empathy helps me to design a better UX product. I believed there isn't a bad idea. All the ideas can bring up good ideas.


Aliza Sovani

Co-Founder LILI Media & Design Lab


We were fortunate to work with Betty, Amadea and Rachelle as clients for their York University UX Design Certificate course. We had a big ask for the team in terms of helping us streamline our value proposition, branding, website wireframes and a functioning website – all of which were accomplished successfully in a matter of weeks through an insightful UX design process that allowed us to be confident in our alignment with our audience expectations and needs. It was a pleasure working with this talented and professional team.

Erika Fernandez

Director of Digital Marketing at E-workbee


I have been working with Betty for over 4 years. As a graphic designer, she has demonstrated high-quality talent and strong professional knowledge. As a freelancer, she responds immediately to my inquires, delivers the work in a timely fashion, and provides recommendations on how to improve projects. I highly recommend Betty for her outstanding professionalism and teamwork skills.