2D & 3D Animation


This animation is about the pure goodness of human nature. Even in horrible places, like a junkyard, you can find a treasure that you never expected.

This story is very sentimental. It is about how a kind boy helps an old man. The story’s setting is in a post-apocalyptic junkyard. I used black and white pencil drawing’s texture to show more emotion and imperfections. To show the low social position of the old man, I made him a hunchback with a mechanical arm. His mechanical arm is a simple structure and it’s rusted. His eyes are sad. I designed the kind boy with a handyman outfit. He is a kid that likes to fix things and help people. Because he is a boy with a clear and pure heart, he doesn’t need a lot of fancy devices on him. On the other hand, our main villains all look strong and confident. They have the newest mechanical devices on them to show the contrast between the kind boy and the old man.


  • Director / Writer / Sound Effects
  • Manuel Rolden
  • Visual Design / Character and Title Design
  • Betty Chiu
  • Background Design / 3D Animator / Video Editor
  • Liam Yoo


  • Colour Pens & Paper
  • Photoshop / Premiere / After Effects
  • Cinema 4D


  • 1:48