Bubble Tea Video

Title Motion Graphics Design

This documentary is about Bubble Tea in Calgary. Bubble tea is originally from Taiwan. Now you can have it everywhere around the world. In this documentary, we focused on the differences between the bubble tea in Calgary and in Taiwan and what people think about bubble tea and how it was made.


Bubble tea always gives people the impression of joy so I used bright colours to show the happiness and surprise. I combined the bubble with the landscape of Calgary to point out our title.

What I Did

  • Title Motion Graphics
  • Illustration


  • 3D rending / Photographer/ Editer / Ending
  • Liam Yoo
  • Script/ Narrortor
  • Roxanne Richards


  • The show must be go on" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) licensed under CC-BY 3.0
  • Special thanks to: O'cup and all interviewees.